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Meet your Wealth Coach,

Helia Singh

Helia Singh is a financial educator, finance coach and the Director of Assurance Finance & Business Solutions. She has a passion for finance and is keen to share what she has learned over many years dealing with money and clients from all walks of life.

Through her experiences over nearly 20 years with numerous clients and helping them with their personal and business finance aspects of their life and assisting with business plan, Helia realised that the lack of business and financial knowledge is main reason for businesses to fail. It was the repetitive nature of this work that made Helia realise that she should focus on educating her clients as well as helping them resolve their financial problems. As the saying goes, give a person a fish, and you feed her/him for a day, teach a person to fish, and you feed her/him for a lifetime. 

The propose of this course is not to replace your accountant.

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